Saronni’s 1982 World Championship Bike Confirmed

Saronni 1982 World Championship winning bike
Saronni’s 1982 World Championship winning bike.

In 1982 Giuseppe (Beppe) Saronni won the World Championships in Goodwood, England on a new style of Colnago that featured crimped frame tubes. This frame is on display in the Colnago museum if you are lucky enough to visit.

So which Colnago bike is it?

Online there are a lot of conflicting claims as to which model he used to win this race ie. a Super Profil or Nuovo Mexico? If you look very carefully at the following image, you will see the frame has one crimp in the middle of the top tube and one crimp in the middle of the down tube. Search online and you will find close-up pictures of this frame in the Colnago museum.

Saronni 1982 World Championships Winning Colnago
Single crimp top tube and single crimp down tube.
Image courtesy of
Colnago Nuovo Mexico first version diagram
First version Nuovo Mexico.
The red line in this diagram represents the crimp in the top tube and down tube.

Part of this confusion can be attributed to a sign that is attached to Saronni’s bike in the Colnago museum that says ‘SUPER – Acciaio’ which translates as ‘SUPER – Steel’. However, if you visit the Colnago website ‘Hall of Fame’ page, you will see Saronni’s 1982 World Championship bike with a caption saying he won this race on a Mexico. These two pieces of information are conflicting. So, if anyone is going to know for sure, it would be the manufacturer. They could check with Ernesto, he still works there.

So I emailed Colnago with the question, which bike is it, a Super or Mexico? Colnago’s resident expert; Alessandro Turci was kind enough to confirm that Saronni’s bike was indeed a ‘New Mexico’ and that the placard in the museum was incorrect.

According to my research, Saronni’s 1982 New Mexico was the first version of the Nuovo Mexico frame. A second version of the Nuovo Mexico was released shortly after in 1983 and it featured the same crimped top tube, but the down tube was changed from 2 central crimps to 4 offset crimps.

Colnago Nuovo Mexico second version diagram
Second version Nuovo Mexico.
The red lines in this diagram represents the crimp in the
top tube and dual offset crimps in the down tube.


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