Vintage Campagnolo Super Record Seat Post Review

Campagnolo Nuovo Super Record Seat Post (mid 1980s)
Image courtesy of Art Bikes


Campagnolo Super Record was released in 1974 as the successor to Campagnolo’s top tier group set, Nuovo Record. The Super Record group set was in production from 1974 to late 1980’s. During this period, Campagnolo released 4 different versions of the Super Record seat post (or the ‘seat pin’ as it is referred to in their literature). The first version featured a 2 bolt clamping system whilst the later versions all featured a single bolt clamping system.

First Version (circa 1974 to 1978)

Campagnolo Super Record Seat Post

The first version featured 2 bolts mounted on top of the clamps to fasten the saddle rails. The saddle tilt is adjusted by tightening one nut and loosening the other.

This post is similar to the Nuovo Record seat post that preceded it, but it can be easily identified by the lovely elongated flutes which are present on the upper section of all 4 versions of the Super Record seat post.

The upper section is cast alloy and the post is polished alloy. Unlike other components in the group set, the seat post is not anodized and can be restored by polishing.

Second Version (circa 1978 to 1982)

Campagnolo Super Record Seat Post (1978-1982)

The second version was a simplified single bolt saddle clamping system.

The bolt was relocated to underneath the clamp which made it much easier to adjust or removed the saddle.

The clamp sits on a curved top section of the post to allow the saddle to tilt fore & aft.

You will also notice the upper portion of the post is now tapered and polished.

Third Version (circa 1983 to 1984)

Campagnolo Super Record Seat Post (1983-1984)

The third version utilised the same single bolt clamping system as the previous version, however the tapered upper portion of the post is no longer polished and the text and flutes were moved further down the post.

Image courtesy of Art Bikes

All 4 versions of the post appear to have ‘BREV. INTER. CAMPAGNOLO’ engraved at the top of the post.

Fourth Version (circa 1985 to 1987)

Campagnolo Super Record Seat Post (1985-1987)

The final version of the Super Record post is nearly identical to the third version, however the upper section of the post is now completely polished to give it a nicer finish.

Image courtesy of Art Bikes

All seat posts are marked with a minimum insertion LIMIT marking.

Dimensions & Sizing

Campagnolo Super Record Seat Post (Dimensions in mm)
Seat Post Saddle Clamp Parts

The Super Record seat posts were available in 2 different lengths; 130mm (standard) or 180mm (long). A quick check on eBay shows that most of the second hand and new old stock posts are the longer 180mm version which gives you a few more options regarding frame sizing. Bear in mind that whichever post you choose, approx. 55mm of post must be inside the seat tube of the frame.

Campagnolo Super Record Seat Post (27.2mm Diameter)
Image courtesy of Art Bikes

Campagnolo offered the seat post in no less than 10 different diameters;
25mm, 25.8mm, 26mm, 26.2mm, 26.4mm, 26.6m, 26.8mm, 27mm, 27.2mm & 27.4mm

You can see in the above photo that the seat post diameter is marked on the top rear section of the post. It is important to use the correct diameter post in a steel frame to ensure it doesn’t slip down when riding. From my experience, a greased seat post will be a firm fit in the seat tube of the frame. My 1984 Colnago Master requires a 27.2mm seat post.

Campagnolo 50th Anniversary Seat Post

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Campagnolo in 1983, they created a limitied edition version of the Super Record group set.

The seat post included in this group set was identical to the last version of the standard Super Record seat post, but featured some special 50th anniversary markings.

These seat posts can sometimes be found for sale as New Old Stock (NOS), but fetch a high price as they are sought by collectors.

Colnago 30th Anniversary Seat Posts

Apparently there were 3 different versions of the seat post designed for Colnago’s 30th Anniversary group set. All of them feature Ernesto Colnago’s signature as well as the special gold club. However, the only seat post advertised with Campagnolo Super Record group sets was the plain round seat post. The 2 aero seat post style shown below was later included in the C-Record group set which was released in 1986, however these seat posts were available in 1983 primarily for use by professionals as well as inclusion in this limited edition group set.

Colnago 30th Anniversary Seat Posts

Super Record Component Weight

I have weighed a set of Super Record components and quite surprisingly, these vintage parts compares quite favourably against the weight of a modern Campagnolo Super Record group set.

UK Pricing in 1981

I found a 1981 catalogue for a British cycling shop with pricing as follows;
The Super Record seat post retails for GBP 21.80

Learn more about Campagnolo Super Record

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