How to identify a Colnago International or Super Sprint

Colnago International
Colnago International circa 1986.
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The Colnago International bicycle was first listed in a circa 1986 Colnago catalogue. It was sold as a complete bike fitted with a Ofmega Premier group and just like the Colnago Super, it was built using Columbus SL tubes (according to the catalogue).

The following year (1987 catalogue), it appears the International was renamed as the Colnago Classic International and was now offered as a complete bike or as a frameset. However, the frame was now built using slightly heavier Columbus Cromor tubes. Presumably this was done to distinguish the Colnago Classic International from the Colnago Super, which probably shared similar geometry.

Before you start with the identification process, you should start here;
How to identify a Colnago vintage bike.

Features of a Colnago International.

These images are a mix of two mid 1980’s International bikes to show the general features of the Colnago International.
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Colnago International catalogue page (circa 1987)

What about the Colnago Super Sprint?

The Colnago Classic International was dropped from the 1988 catalogue and appears to have been reborn as the Colnago Super Sprint (definitely a more catchy name). Like the Colnago Classic International, this model was built from Columbus Cromor tubes. One year later in Colnago’s 1989 catalogue, the Colnago Super Sprint was pictured with chrome plated head tube lugs.

Colnago Super Sprint catalogue page (circa 1988)

Colnago Literature.

The following websites have a large selection scanned Colnago literature including reviews, catalogues and brochures.´╗┐

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