Welcome Cycling Enthusiasts

After being involved in cycling for over 20 years, I have created this website to share some of the knowledge I have gained over that time as a cycling enthusiast. For me, cycling is both a sport and a hobby. I enjoy all aspects of the sport including riding, building, servicing and restoring bikes.

Vintage Campagnolo Super Record Review

Learn about the first Super Record group set ever released by Campagnolo in the late 1970’s. This article includes discussion of the 50th and 30th anniversary editions of this legendary and beautiful vintage group set.

Learn How to Build a Bicycle Wheel like a Pro

This is the advice I wish I knew 20 years ago about learning how to build a bicycle wheel. Also perfect to read if you only want to learn how to true a bicycle wheel.

Modern vs Retro bike comparison.

A discussion on the differences between riding a modern carbon fibre Cervelo R5 (2014) with 11 speed Dura-Ace 9000 vs. riding a vintage Colnago Master (1984) with 6 speed Campagnolo Super Record. What are the differences between a modern bicycle and a retro bicycle?

How to identify a vintage Colnago bike?

After spending countless hours researching online and with the amazing support of vintage bike suppliers around the world, I am happy to present this article which includes detailed information on how to identify over 20 different models of Colnago steel bikes from 1968 to late 1980’s. If you find this guide helpful, please spread the word by adding links to this website in chat forums and on social media.

Service Vintage Campagnolo Record Hubs.

This article covers all the steps required on how to service vintage Campagnolo Record hubs. These hubs were prolific in the 1970’s and 1980’s and are very durable.

Service Vintage Campagnolo Quick Release.

This article covers all the steps required to service a vintage Campagnolo Quick Release. These skewers were widely used in the 1970’s and 1980’s and are extremely easy to service.

Replace Vintage Brake Blocks.

How to easily remove the black brake pads from your vintage 1980’s Campagnolo brake shoes. Don’t throw them out – these parts are collectible.

Upcoming Articles.

I am also looking forward to presenting my next articles which include;

  • A complete build report of a magnificent, recently restored 1983 Colnago Nuovo Mexico (2nd edition) frameset.

Please enjoy your riding and stay safe out there.